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GYP-100 Natural Flocculant

Water Flocculant - active constituent: calcium sulphate 80% w/v

GYP-100 is a concentrated liquid suspension that contains 80% w/v of super fine milled gypsum with 90% purity.
GYP-100 is applied for flocculating sediment ponds and waste water.
GYP-100 is more effective in its application compared to bulk gypsum.
GYP-100 is the most eco friendly product for flocculating water bodies.
GYP-100 is much easier to handle and apply compared to other products and provides quicker and more effective results.
GYP-100 reduces labour costs and less OH&S concerns compared to other products.


GYP-100 dosage rates may vary depending on turbidity of the water, we recommend the following application rates as a general guide.
GYP-100 dilute at 1 part product to 2 parts water as a minimum, keep agitating to prevent settling in the tank.

Light Turbidity 75-100 litres per megalitre
Heavy Turbidity 100-125 litres per megalitre