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Liquid Dolomite - active constituent: Calcium: 35% w/v Magnesium: 12% w/v

D’Mite-107 is a liquid suspension of technical grade Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate applied to prevent and improve acid soils by increasing the soil pH and Calcium/Magnesium levels in the soil.

D’Mite-107 can be applied via boom spray, drip systems. D’Mite-107 is also a great source of available Calcium and Magnesium for plant nutrition.

D’Mite-107 has a particle size of only 10 micron and is more than 70% available resulting in much quicker results and overcoming the effects of low soil pH, with a solubility rate of only 0.00015%. Studies confirmed that the finer particles remain more active than the courser particles of “bulk dolomite”.

D’Mite-107 is suitable for application to all soils where soil pH is low or Calcium/Magnesium levels remain a problem. Application rates may vary widely depending on your crop, soil type and other factors.

D’Mite-107 recommend the following rates as a general guide.

  Soil pH Range SAND-LOAM L/ha CLAY L/ha
Very Acid 4.5-5.5  75-100  100-125
Acid 5.5-6.5  50-75  75-100
Satisfactory 6.5-7.5  25-50  50-75
For plant Calcium/Magnesium requirements 5 -10 Apply monthly 10-15 Apply monthly


D’Mite-107 should be applied with a minimum water dilution of 1 part
product to 5 parts water. For boom spray applications we recommend
a minimum nozzle size of 06-08 or a flood jet nozzle to assist with higher
water delivery rates. Keep agitated after dilution to minimise settlement.
D’Mite-107 should not be applied with any other Chemical as D’Mite-107
has a very high pH.