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Conwed Fibers® Hydro Mulch® 1000

Hydro Mulch 50lb bales (22.68kg)

Conwed Fibers’ wood and wood with tack products are ideal choices for critical sites with up to 2:1 slopes. 

  • Contains 100% of the highest quality wood fiber.
  • Now with TriFlo™ for better yield, better shooting and better ground coverage.
  • Thermally Refined wood fiber delivers up to 50% more water-holding capacity than atmospherically refined wood mulches.
  • Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry that ensures evenly distributed stands of grass.
  • Proven by independent university testing to control erosion and grow healthier stands of grass than 100% paper fiber.
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements for wood fiber mulch.

Application Rates:

4:1 Slope 1600 kg/ha (10,000m2) 16 kg per 100m2
3:1 Slope    2240 kg/ha (10,000m2)    22.4 kg per 100m2
2:1 Slope 2800 kg/ha (10,000m2) 28 kg per 100m2

 Conwed Fibers® Hydro Mulch® 1000 with TriFlo™ Datasheet

Profile® Products Base Hydraulic Mulch Loading Chart and Application Guide

 Conwed Fibers® Hydro Mulch® 1000 with TriFlo™ SDS Sheet